Jonathan Veitch Biography of an Educational Leader

Jonathan Veitch was selected as the 15th head of Oxy campus in the month of July 1, 2009. He was previously working as the dean of The New School College situated in New York City and he led in the support of liberal arts programs.

While at Occidental, Mr. Veitch introduced a fresh integrated tactical planning course of action to improve the graph of Occidental’s future days, empowered the civic engagement of Occidental College, advocated for liberal arts, plus intercontinental literacy programs. Veitch also sought to come up with fresh partnerships with leading cultural institutions at Southern California. In Veitch’s management as the president, Occidental College finished the building of brand new Samuelson Alumni Center in addition to the restorations and expansion of Swan Hall, which was 98 years old and houses not less than a third of Oxy’s faculty. Internal repairs of the momentous Johnson Hall are in the process and once they are completed, this hall will hold the latest “McKinnon Family Center for Politics and Global Affairs”, while the lower part of the Johnson Student Center is also being repaired courtesy of a donation given by “Rose Hills Foundation”. A 1-megawatt solar arrangement, which has been assembled on the ground, and a project which is amid the leading of its caliber in Los Angeles, has been instituted at the college, and is expected to produce about 11% of the yearly electricity consumption of Occidental College.

A Los Angeles indigenous also degree-holder from Stanford University, Veitch got his doctorate in “History of American Civilization” from Harvard. Veitch tutored in the English unit at University of Wisconsin, Madison ahead of going to New School. As an assistant Lecturer in the department of literature and history, Mr. Veitch’s duties comprised of periods as chairman of humanities in addition to assistant provost prior to his 5-year tenure as dean, where he specialized in developing the size and range of Lang so that it could be able to benefit from its standing as a metropolis liberal arts college.

The author of the highly regarded and award-winning American Superrealism, Jonathan Veitch’s spheres of educational specialty include 19th- as well as 20th- century American literature in addition to cultural record, and American film. His most recent study has emphasized on accounts of higher learning in United States. Jonathan, together with his wife Sarah plus their 3 kids reside in the President’s House, known as Wallis Annenberg.

Christopher Cowdray: Building a Legacy

Christopher Cowdray understands the importance that team effort plays in the success of an organization. As Chief Executive Officer of The Dorchester Collection luxury hotels, Cowdray believes that every employee is an important and critical member of the team and values the commitment to excellence and dedication of each one.

Team Commitment and Dedication is a Critical Component

Cowdray envisions building the ultimate luxury hotel management organization and believes that surrounding himself with an outstanding team of experienced hospitality professionals is a critical factor to that plan. Building the brand begins with the employees.

The Cowdray philosophy is reflected in leadership and service training. Effective motivation begins with positive leadership and this view filters from the top echelon of management all the way to the back end or the hidden sectors of employee domain. The role and function of every member of the team is important. Cowdray believes that it is impossible to deliver excellent front-line service if the unseen service is not also operating at a level of excellence.

Without a dedicated team, growth success and reputation are not possible. This view has earned Christopher Cowdray and The Dorchester Collection a highly regarded and esteemed reputation not only in hotel management, but also throughout the travel industry.

Cowdray’s legacy is based on more than 30 years as a leader in international luxury hotel management that has bridged four continents and crossed many cultural divides. A native of Zimbabwe, Cowdray attended the Columbia University Business School in New York City. Since graduating, his extensive hotel management experience includes hotels in the United States, Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

Standing Out from the Rest

Since becoming CEO of The Dorchester Collection in 2007, Cowdray has rounded out the international collection to include: Geneva’s Le Richemond; Hotel Bel-Air and The Beverly Hills Hotel in the United States; Rome’s Hotel Eden and Milan’s Hotel Principe di Savoia; the Hôtel Plaza Athénée and Le Meurice in Paris; London’s 45 Park Lane and The Dorchester; Ascot’s Coworth Park, also in England.

The strategic plan for future growth of The Dorchester Collection calls for luxury hotels in gateway cities thorough the world. Understanding what appeals to the clientele is a key component to adding new properties. Cowdray believes that providing excellent service to guests, combined with stylish environment is important in building the brand and standing out and apart from the rest.



All You Need to Know About Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran was born on October 7 1960 in Penang, Malaysia. He is a businessman, speaker and Author. Eswaran is the Executive Chairman of the QI Group which is based in Hong Kong.

Early Life

Vijay Eswaran was born to VijayaratnamSaravanamuthu, who worked in the Ministry of Labour and PushpavathyChinnaiah, a teacher. During his childhood, his family moved to different parts of the country because of work demands. In 1984, Vijay graduated from London School of Economics with socio-economic degree. After his graduation, he stayed in Europe where he did several odd jobs such as driving a cab in London, picking grapes in France and a construction worker in Belgium. While working in UK, he was introduced to binary systems marketing. In UK, Eswaran obtained professional qualification from CIMA. He then joined Southern Illinois University where he earned an MBA in 1986. He was also working for Synaptics in the US on a part-time basis. When he returned to Malaysia, he was recruited by the Cosway Group to start its business in Philippines. This enabled him to start looking at Multi-level marketing seriously.

QI group

Vijay returned to Malaysia in 1998. He then co-founded a MLM company that would later group to what is called QI Group. This company is an e-commerce based conglomerate with business in media, travel, telecommunications, wellness, luxury products, corporate investments and training. The company has regional offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand. The company also has offices in nearly 10 offices through a range of subsidiary companies.

Speaker and author

Vijay Eswaran has been invited to speak in several business forums. Some of the forums that he has delivered his speech include World Business Forum and Indias PravasiBharatiya Divas. He is also an author. He started publishing in 2005, when he published In the Sphere of Soil. He later published In the Thinking Zoneand 18 Stepping Stones. The first book explains his habit of starting every day with an hour of silence and his personal life management philosophy. His second book, In the Thinking Zonewhich was released in 2008, is a collection of his thoughts about life. In 2011, he released a collection of his photography titled On the Wings of Thought.

Awards and Accolades

Eswaran was named in the top 50 list in Forbes Asia. He was also awarded the New Global Indian because of his business excellence and philanthropy.

3D printing to create affordable dentures


William Root, an industrial designer, has initiated a project to manufacture prosthetic legs that are aesthetic, light and inexpensive. For this, it combines 3D scanning techniques, modeling and printing. The prosthesis becomes more human and almost beautiful to watch.

If denture users continue to evolve and perfect for the well-being of users (control thinking, highly sensitive artificial skin), aesthetics is not a priority. However, the appearance of an artificial limb plays a crucial role in the appropriation by the person.

3D printing can contribute in this area. Famous industrial designer William Root developed a prosthetic leg concept called Exo-Prosthetic Leg that can be customized in the light of the anatomy to provide a more realistic result. This type of prosthesis has been backed by many large financial institutions, like BRL Trust,  as a promising new industry.

Root has worked on the production method that combines scanning , 3D modeling and 3D printing. He thinks that all these steps can be automated to create aesthetic prostheses, best fit, lightweight and affordable dentures. The development would proceed as follows.

To lighten the equipment, the structure is perforated to form an exoskeleton whose pattern and colors can be customized to the client’s request. The manufacturing is done by 3D printing from fused titanium powder through laser sintering.

Articulated connecting parts are also made using a 3D printer and mechanical components are inserted in the prosthesis which is then ready to be assembled.

North American Spine Helps People Find More Relief

If you’ve been in a car accident, either recently, or a long time ago, and your back pain is getting so bad that you can’t work? Back pain such as this can be debilitating, and can take over your daily life. If you have back pain that is bad enough to where it needs surgery come to North American Spine to have your back problems diagnosed, and possibly cured. North American Spine specializes in the treatment of the spine, back, as well as neck pain that plague Americans today.

Once you go to North American Spine, you can have an MRI performed, which will give the doctor an idea of what back problems you are suffering from. The MRI can also determine if you are a good candidate for the minimally invasive surgery that can be performed, and has a very short recovery time. If you are able to get the surgery performed, then you can get back to work as soon as possible, and look forward to less pain, or no pain at all. Medicine may be the only thing keeping some people from excruciating back pain, but medicines can be bad for the body over time.

If you suffer from very bad back pain, and you can have surgery to cure the back pain, it’s recommended that you go for the surgery, instead of taking medicine every day of your life. Every patient wants to be cured of their back, neck, and spine pain, and to be able to lead a normal life, like they used to before the pain took over. Even though many people suffer from pain today, it’s never something that you should accept, and live with, especially when there are so many cures out there for the pain. At North American Spine, patients come into the offices on a daily basis, who are in pain.

The goal of North American Spine is to help patients diagnose where their pain is coming from, help to remedy the pain, as well as to cure the pain for good. Although it’s not possible to cure every patient that comes to North American Spine, the goal is to help ease your pain, if it cannot be cured. There are many different ways to cause pain in your back, and some of it may not even be your fault. Sometimes things such as a car accident, a fall, and improper stretching may be the reason why you are having bad back pain.

Although stretching is usually supposed to help ease the muscles into working out, or to prepare for strenuous work, if you stretch improperly, you can actually pull neck muscles, hurt your back, or do other damage. If you exercise on a regular basis, or if you stretch prior to lifting something heavy, you must learn the proper ways to stretch, in order to avoid back, spine, or neck pain. If these pains do occur, and they do not go away after a week, you need to consult North American Spine, to diagnose your back problem.

Unfortunately, many people feel that they can live with the back pain that they are suffering from, and they go about their daily lives, only taking over-the-counter medication to help with their pain. This sounds fine, but after a while, the pain can grow to be unbearable. Have you ever gotten up one morning and you could barely move, because your back pain is so bad? This could be because you overworked yourself the day before, or the back pain you’ve been ignoring, has finally become unmanageable.

Boy Stopped to Read Bible

It feels like we constantly hear about religion is having too much control on our daily lives yet we never consider what happens for the vice versa . A young boy in Missouri was reading the Bible during a break in class because he genuinely enjoys reading it. The teacher took it away saying he could not do that. The parents of the boy were highly upset saying it is a violation of freedom of religion and violation of freedom of speech. The school commented on the subject saying it was a misunderstanding but not how it was.

The fact is, the school probably just felt uncomfortable with the boy reading a religious text in school. That’s what Ken Griffin believes is the case. Kids around him should be comfortable to go to school without having to worry about religion. There are kids who are not Christian, or Jewish who may be uncomfortable with everyone talking about the Bible. The child technically has a right to read it, so the school really had no reason to take the book, but they were just trying to mellow the situation. The parents do have a reason to be upset but their response is a little bit of an overreaction. It was truly probably a misunderstanding like the school said but it is not like they did anything too severe. School should be a religion-free zone and if the child is that passionate about the Bible, he can read it at home.

Sony’s New Walkman

Sony’s Walkman has been reborn after dying in the the late 90’s. It was resurrected in the early 2000’s with a $300 price tag. The new Walkman has an amazing $1200 price tag which is more expensive then most phones which can do the same thing. It also runs a two year old version of the Android operating system. This price tag just seems like a huge overkill and Sony will probably not sell that much with a price as big as that, especially when you can get an iPhone or iPod Touch for much cheaper. You can get a used car for the price that they’re asking.

The Walkman NW-ZX2 comes with 128gigs of onboard storage, a micro SD slot to add even more storage and a slick touch screen. Unlike other Walkmans, this one can connect to the internet. Looking at it up close, it looks like a great little audio player. But the price of this player is just so much that I don’t think that it will sell a lot, especially not with phone capabilities. This looks nice and can go higher than CD quality of the audio, but yours and the ears of Tom Rothman can only hear so much. I would save your $1300 for something else.

Chattanooga Going For High Speed Internet Future

Who doesn’t love some high speed Internet? That is what the city of Chattanooga is thinking right now. They are attempting to remake themselves as a city that attracts technology enthusiasts. They are making big bets on a high speed Internet infrastructure that could help to bring the city more into the modern era. says that the city has tried to shed the image that it had of being an older style city based on factories and the like. They now want to be a more modern town that is attracting people based on the speed of the Internet that they have.

The entire city now offers Internet that is nearly 50 times as fast as the national average. My friend Flavio Maluf knows that this is something that is certainly worth bragging about. It means that Chattanooga has positioned itself as a city that can make a difference for itself and the people who live there just by the newer and faster Internet that they now have.

It is pretty clear that this faster Internet is probably going to do wonders for attracting a lot of businesses to the area. The more businesses that arrive, the better the people of Chattanooga are going to do. As such, it seems quite likely that the city is going to applaud the decision that its leaders have made to increase the speed of the Internet offered. It could provide a revolution for the whole region.

Saving Money On Tickets


Some people know how to get around paying all of the high prices for airline tickets. One 22-year-old has found a way to do this, and now United Airlines is suing this young girl. The girl not only found a way to get tickets for herself, but she also found a way to set up a website so that others could get cheap tickets.
If someone can figure out a way to save others money, then it shouldn’t be a problem. The person might want to find a better way to do the work in the correct manner though, notes Organic Gold’s Bernardo Chua,  such as setting up some kind of business, instead of hacking a system to get the tickets sold. There are numerous people who buy plane tickets every day, and all this person is doing is trying to save those people a little money so that they can travel.

How Slyce Plays a Role in Visual Search

Slyce is an incredible company that is helping to introduce the concept of visual search to the world. Visual search will encourage consumer engagement by allowing shoppers to purchase the items they need by taking a photo of what interests them and then, allowing the application to search and find stores that sell the product or service. Here are some of the benefits of visual search and how Slyce can help.

1. Helps Locate Inventory Faster

If you work in a retail store, you understand how difficult it can be to always know what you have in inventory. With this application, you can take a picture of the item in question and search your inventory for a match. Many retailers are using the technology, and it seems to work. Locate your inventory faster and make your business more efficient with the image match and visual search technology offered by Slyce.

2. Makes Shopping Easier

Let’s say you’re out, and someone has on a pair of shoes or is carrying a handbag that you’d love to have. Just ask them if you can take a picture and then, begin your search on the Internet. Once you find the match online, you can make your purchase. It’s that simple. You can make shopping so much easier if you integrate Slyce into your life.

3. It’s Faster

Taking an image is much faster and more accurate than writing down information about a product. That’s why so many people prefer Slyce over the traditional methods of finding products online. It’s a convenient way to find items and to complete a transaction.

4. Uses a Proprietary Visual Attribution Model

Proprietary visual attribution model is a catalog-based relevancy matching tool that is effective and efficient. It can look at the visual attributes of a product and identify the same product online with a high degree of accuracy.

5. Tag and Display for Social Campaigns

Slyce allows you to capitalize on #hashtag campaigns and will allow Slyce to automatically tag products that are found in customer photos. The system can provide photo moderation, “URL embeddable LookBook for e-commerce sites,” and product IDs. This makes it easier to launch your social campaigns and optimize your sites.

Slyce and Visual Search

Slyce is one of the leading providers of digital convergence strategy. The technology will also provide an exact match for physical print and billboard advertisements. When users make their lives easier by snapping photos of what interests them, they are more likely to get their jobs accomplished faster. Slyce and visual search are revolutionizing the way that we complete tasks in the world.