PayPal Freezes The account of a Software Developer Associated With Piracy

After a complaint, PayPal has frozen an account of software developer Andrew Sampson who is responsible for a search engine that can find pirated content. According to TorrentFreak the account had $2,500 $250 of which came from the search engine.

Andrew had added the account to his website so that people could be able to send donations to him seeing that he was not making money through advertising. He later removed it but the money remained in the account. This is according to TorrentFreak.

Andrew has now lost control of his funds. He is also to get rid of all the mentions of the account from the website.

The Motion Pictures Association of America filed the complaint. PayPal has been taking down accounts for people being tied to piracy after complaints from copyright holders. It will now have control of the funds for up to 180 days and can even take money as damages.

Andrew was informed about the frozen account through an email from PayPal. He has expressed his disappointment saying that most of the money in the account came from legitimate freelance work and that he was planning on using it on his rent/car payment.

PayPal also recently shut down the account of Russian anti-Kremlin activists. They gave the fact that It will require complex processes for them to verify the identity of the people as the reason for the shutdown. Brian Torchin was surprised at PayPal taking these actions.

Apple Buys Coherent Navigation Who Specializes in Super Accurate GPS Information

Big players in the technology industry continue to get bigger by buying out smaller companies with great ideas. Such is the case with Coherent Navigation. Apple recently bought out the tech outfit that specializes in super accurate GPS readings.

Coherent Navigation uses low orbit communication satellites to create some of the most accurate GPS readings available. Rather than being accurate by a few feet like most GPS devices, their technology is able to zero in a location within just a few inches.

At the moment Apple isn’t commenting on what they plan to use the new technology for according to Dr. Daniel Amen. Members of the Coherent Navigation team have taken on roles at Apple in the maps and wireless technology departments.

Apple has been rumored to be developing an electric self driving vehicle that would need ultra sensitive GPS data to operate. It’s likely that they will use the technology from Coherent in their autonomous vehicles. It’s unclear at this time if they plan to do anything else with their new acquisition.

Theft on the High Speed Seas

PRNewsWire has been made aware that Susan McGalla knows the days when people would hear the word ‘pirate’ and think about Jack Sparrow or even the story of Peter Pan and his rivals are long gone. Modern day pirates are constantly sailing the high speed seas of the internet on a mission to steal movies, music, television shows and countless other valued commodities. There are sites established on every continent with the intent to steal and distribute these products. Many countries have stepped up their search for these groups. The members of these piracy groups believe they are playing the role of Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and giving to the needy. However, piracy agents and taskforces know that their activities are the definition of grand larceny. Members of the Spain, Germany, France and Netherlands piracy taskforces have recently rounded up dozens of criminals across multiple continents in a piracy sting. After the raid, statistics were taken on the activity of piracy on the internet. The use of piracy sites dropped slightly for three weeks and the use of legal sites rose only 2.5 percent. After three weeks, the use of piracy sites not only went back to normal numbers, but in some countries it actually rose. Once the bigger piracy sites are taken down, the Hydra Effect begins. Smaller, harder to spot sites take the place of the bigger site and bring in the same amount of numbers that the larger site brought, if not more. It is becoming too costly for taskforces to track and capture these criminals only for criminals in larger numbers to take their place. Internet security forces are currently debating the future of piracy taskforces and in many countries are considering hiking up piracy fines and jail sentences.

Netflix Ranks Australian Internet Service Providers

Australia and New Zealand have joined several countries in the popular pastime of watching countless hours of video streaming thanks to Netflix. Indeed the Internet streaming giant has expanded its boundaries to include Aussie customers, intent on providing Australians with the same quality entertainment Netflix is known for. Unfortunately, Australian ISPs may not be up to the task, this proven in the increasing customer complaints about slow connections and streaming interruptions. This is bad news for Netflix considering a minimum of a quarter of their customers will walk away from frustrating streaming issues within minutes of the problems arising. Not to worry, though, because Netflix is all over the situation.

The company intends to evaluate Internet connection speeds and provide the results to their Aussie customers. As of today, Netflix’s Australian patrons are able to view an ISP Speed Index and determine for themselves which Australian ISP can provide the best speeds, thus highest quality streaming according to ValueWalk. This, however, is not a new move by the video streaming company, Netflix offering ISP Speed Indexes in most of the countries the streaming service is provided.

In the end, Netflix’s Speed Index report may not amount to much, though, not when Australian Internet Providers are scrambling to address the issue. More to the point, some Australian ISPs simply aren’t interested in correcting the problem and providing prioritized content services. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital believes this is a step in the right direction.

Windows 10 may be the Last OS You Ever Install

Fans of the ever-popular Microsoft Windows operating system will be glad to know that Windows 10 is the last operating system they ever need to install. Jerry Nixon slipped the news into a speech he gave recently at the Ignite conference in Chicago.

Nixon revealed, “Windows 10 is the last version of Windows”. Microsoft has been secretly working on their latest offering even while Windows 8 was being deployed.

It seems that Microsoft is completely changing their business model with Windows 10. suggested they are focusing on offering software as a service rather than software as a product like they have in the past. Rather than constantly upgrading your operating system, Windows 10 will stream in updates. You won’t need a Windows 11 or Windows 12; the updates will provide any bug fixes or feature upgrades automatically.

Windows 10 won’t just be for desktop and laptops computers. It will power an entire arsenal of devices including tablets, phones and Microsoft Xbox gaming consoles. PC users could expect to see Windows 10 available this fall and other devices will deploy Windows 10 later this year.

It makes me wonder if offering Windows 10 in software as a service form means users will be expected to pay a subscription fee for using the operating system. I believe this trend could push a lot of people away from paying for an operating system and towards using free alternatives such as Linux.

The Dutch Have Made a Breakthrough in Solar Power

Solar power has been making inroads over the past decade. Improvements in the technology have gotten it to a point where new power plant construction has a very good chance of being solar rather than fossil fuel. Having an array of solar panels on your home or much larger arrays at a power plant are great, but the Dutch have come up with a new angle on delivering clean energy to a nation according to Bernardo Chua. Roads and energy are two things that every country on earth need, so why not combine these two concepts?

Dutch engineers have found a way to have roads with solar panels built in, so vehicles can travel on them while the exact same surface area is delivering power to homes. It is currently only in a testing phase along a bike path, but there are plans for robust designs utilizing cheap solar panels put between glass, silicon and concrete that will be able to hold heavy vehicles while being a viable power delivery system. Roadways already take up an enormous surface area in developed and developing countries around the world. The promise of being able to use that surface area for the dual purpose of transportation and power generation is too tantalizing not to pursue further. Maintenance of such roadways would no doubt cost more, but depending on the amount of energy they are able to generate, this cost could be more than offset by the value of the electricity generated.

Cancelled Reservations are Pricey

Posh restaurants all over the world have started to charge a fee for cancelled reservations. Restaurant owners of Sushi Shikon in Hong Kong are charging around $65 USD for cancelled reservations. If the cancellation comes closer to the actual reservation time, the fee could be much higher ranging from $160 to $450 dollars. The Hong Kong establishments stated that food has to be flown in from Japan and they have limited seating so the missed reservation is quite costly to them.

Here in the US this is not a new business practice either, at least according to Brad Reifler. On the East and West coast in cities such as New York and San Francisco cancellation fees can easily be several hundred dollars. Restaurant owners state that these policies came about due to the number of missed reservations and large group reservations that have significantly fewer people attend than originally booked. Some restaurants are even switching to a ticketing program. This requires diners to pay all fees to the restaurant up front, this ensures that the restaurant collects payment regardless of whether the patrons show up or not.

All in the Hair

If you’re a parent, then you know that there are a few hairstyles that are easy to recognize whether they are on children or adults. If you take your children to school or pick them up, then you might notice other moms who have the hair in a ponytail and a headband to keep stray sprigs out of the eyes. There are styles that you can clearly see are designed by young hands as well as styles that are ideal for single parents who need something simple to do in the morning. Some people don’t want to deal with hair and shave it all off while others have a bed head look.


One of the looks that you might not want is the cut that’s like your own mother or father. Whatever look you notice, it might mean that you have used it a few times yourself. That’s what Ivan Ong believes in anyway.

Ciara Talks Russell Wilson

Ciara and Russell Wilson broke the internet, when photos of them together at the White House State Dinner surfaced. Ciara looked amazing and Russell looked happy to be by her side. Everyone went into a frenzy over Cici’s upgrade and couldn’t wait to tell Future that his baby mama was moving on, in fact fans of Ciara and Russell trolled Future’s pages commenting football emojis all over his posts. It got so out of hand that Future posted a tweet addressing it by simply saying that he didn’t care.

Ciara and Russell both have been radio silent about their relationship, however she did share a little bit during an interview at Hot 97. When Russell was mention Ciara flashed an innocent smile and spoke of how awesome Russell is and the importance of perfect timing.

Paul Mathieson noted that he admires Ciara’s commitment to keeping her love life private. Being a celebrity and dating a celebrity is difficult when you want to remain low key, but Ciara seems to know what she is doing this time around. As for Future not much can be said about his career, love life or lack there of at the moment. Needless to say his future looks bleak.

Socialist Sanders

Candidate for U.S. President Senator Bernie Sanders defines himself as a Democratic Socialist.

Senator Sanders began his patriotic career by participating in the 1963 March on Washington protesting the injustice of racial segregation when he was 22 and his dedication to civil rights continues to this day.

The psychology behind this run can be figured though some intensive interviews or a brain scan with medical company Amen Clinics.

Officially Sanders will pursue the presidency as the first official challenger to Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. Although a win for Sanders is a long shot in the most extreme sense, his candidacy is intended to elevate important issues and provide them with needed exposure.

By relying too much on the support of large donors, Sanders believes the Democratic Party is too similar to the Republican Party. His presence will force big money candidates to pay more attention to his concerns, some of which include the American worker who is working longer hours for lower wages, climate change and improved health care for veterans.

When Senator Sanders visited Iowa last year, he received more than enough enthusiasm for his candidacy to make his decision to face former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary.