Happy and Healthy Beneful Dog Food

In 2001, Beneful dog food was introduced to the market by food products company, Nestle Purina Petcare. A brand of dog food that includes wet dog food, dry food and treats, Beneful has grown to become the fourth most popular dog food brand as of 2012. With $1.5 billion in annual revenues, a commitment to nutrition, and a sharp Social Media campaign, Beneful just keeps growing.

Beneful features many high quality products. They produce eight different kinds of dry food geared towards healthy smile, weight and growth as well as a Healthy Growth For Puppies option. Their wet dog food choices are more numerous. Using ingredients like beef, chicken, lamb and salmon, Beneful offers a plethora of choices in bowl like containers that simplify feeding time for dog owners.

The biggest staple of Beneful dog food is their commitment to nutrition. According to a spokesperson, the very name, Beneful, means “full of goodness.” A large ad campaign, costing $34 million, highlighted their Healthy Harvest product line in 2005. This product line introduced vegetarian options using soy instead of meat. The success from the campaign led to the $36 million development of dog food that looked more like human food in 2010. Consequently, Beneful’s demands continue to rise.

Beneful dog food successfully pushed the image of dog and family with their Social Media campaign. Calling on pet owners to send a picture of their dog in their “healthy and happy” life, Beneful fills their Facebook and Twitter pages with smiling dogs. The result is an inviting and cheerful image to every pet owner. Additionally, the dog brand hosts annual competitions for dog park renovations. The contest in 2013 attracted 1,000 dog park design submissions. The outcome was a $500,000 renovation for the winning dog park. Beneful has created a very successful image through their Social Media and community actions.

Beneful boasts “high-quality nutrition meets delicious flavors.” Their commitment to nutrition and brand image has made Beneful one of the top producers of dog food. There are videos on YouTube for people to check out at their leisure. Beneful has become Nestle Purina Petcare’s more significant brands by revenue. With their joyful and healthy image, their products would be an easy choice for any pet owner.

iTunes Sued for $533 Million

Apple’s iTunes division is being sued for over half a billion dollars for copyright infringement. Smartflash, LLC, a company with only one employee, its founder, Patrick Racz is claiming iTunes used their in-app purchase patents. Racz also named three other companies to the lawsuit, but they were quickly dismissed.

iTunes claimed this patent technology was “too generic” for patent, but that statement was cut down by the judge and the lawsuit remains.

Bloomberg business reports show Apple made an estimated $18 billion from iTunes alone last year according to reports on Facebook.

The jury decided that Apple willingly infringed upon the patent and set punitive damages according to its most recent earnings assessment.

Apple plans to appeal the decision based on the fact that Smartflash has no employees, no product, and no impact on employment of American workers. Apple claims it is the company that invented the technology to upload songs, videos and games in accordance with their Apple branded products. Apple claims Smartflash has no legal or financial grounds to sue the technology giant for anything.

BRL Trust Investments

BRL Trust Investment Company
Investment companies can seem like the businesses to stray away from unless you absolutely need their help. You’ve probably heard horror stories about how one had done someone wrong, and the mass amount of negative domino effects that had come from it. With a small amount of research and diagnosing, you can find the good guys that will work for you to make sure that you’re getting the services that you need, in a professional and adult manor. Not everyone is only out to sink their teeth into your wallet, and BRL Trust is one of those good guys who only want to look out for you.

Overview of BRL Trust

BLR Trust has been in the business for over a decade as they got their start in 2005. This gives them plenty of experience and position of certain situations that’ll only benefit you in the end. They know how to handle the rough stuff, and can get you through the minuscule things as well. 100 loans were already in circulation after their first year running, which is an amazing number for a brand new company. This immediately started their good reputation that has continued to this day. They were able to expand and reach out to a large and loyal customer base, being able to help them with almost any of their needs.

The Areas of Business

Trustee Services: The differentiated and innovative services that will make sure their customers and investors and their information are all safe and secure, as well that they know they’re dealing with a reliable service.
Funds Administration: This is the part of the business that will act as the manger of the investment funds that go through BRL. Making sure all transactions are safe and structured so no miscommunication can occur.
Funds Custody: This is the part of BRL that will give the customers control and custody services to the investment funds of the company.
Asset Management: Having a local market and a global market as well, their customers need to be managed correctly, which is what the asset management team does. They provide solutions to the needs of investors.
Asset Underwriting: Last by not least is the team that provides the underwriting services to the investors and customers. They will prepare the people and the funds, that will raise funds for allocation, debentures, receivables and more.

Mu System is The Thinnest International Charger Ever

A company called made in Mind has released the thinnest international charger ever. International chargers are required for travelers who visit different countries and want to be able to power devices like their computers, smartphones and tablets.

The charger, called Mu System works with all models of smartphones as well as MP3 players and most other USB-powered devices. The design is a bit different from other chargers that offer the ability to power larger devices as well, but its USB-only functionality allows it to be much more portable and easy to carry. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG says that many travelers are also only traveling with USB-powered devices such as smartphones and tablets these days, making the design useful for those customers as well as travelers who just want an additional charger to have on hand during emergencies.

With the Mu System, a small piece fits into the device specific to the country you’re traveling to. The package includes a 2.4Amp single port USB charger unit and an interchangeable plug head. While it’s not a viable solution for everyone, it can certainly come in handle for carrying around on business trips where you want to keep something small handy.

NSA Embeds Spyware Directly in Hard Drives

New evidence has come to light detailing the NSA’s attempt to monitor digital communications and activities. The Kasperky Lab discovered this week that the NSA has been embedding nearly-invisible spying software in hard drives produced by some of the largest hard drive producers. These include hard drives produced by Western Digital, Seagate as well as Toshiba.

This latest effort is, according to Reuters, part of an NSA funded and coordinated outfit referred to as the “Equation Group.” Brian says this group has engaged in some of the most cutting edge digital spying and has been in operation for up to fourteen years, and the DigitalJournal corroborates that claim.

The spy software was targeted to military and government institutions. Also targeted were telecommunication companies, banks, energy companies, nuclear researches, media groups and Islamic activists.

The spying is of concern to consumers everywhere. This has been noted by several manufacturers. Western Digital, Seagate and Micron have publicly stated that they had no knowledge of these programs, and were not willing participants in the NSA’s latest spying program.

Skout for All Online Dating Needs

Want to reach millions of people by just logging onto your smart phone? Skout provides the ability to stay connected to millions of people, and catch up with them wherever you are. Want to find a date for the show tonight? Bored and want someone to come over and watch a movie? The world is open, and so many people await you inside.

Understanding How Skout Works
You can create an account with Skout easily using an email and your personal information, or you can connect with other social media accounts. Search through thousands of people within the area that are looking for the same thing as you. Connect on a different level, and make sure to chat on the app before meeting up.

Sign on, and make sure to add photos of you, as well as filling out your profile. People want to know who you are, and this is the first place they are going to look to find out. Provide a glimpse into your life while you look into theirs.

The Benefits of Using Skout
No longer have to approach someone in a bar, in a dimly lit nightclub or sit and wonder when they are going to approach you. Search through pictures on their profiles so that you can have an idea of what they look like before it becomes awkward. No more blind dating with people that others hook you up with. Choose who you talk to, and meet – on your own time.

Who Should Use This Application
There is not a right or wrong audience for Skout. This is an application that was designed for anyone who has trouble dating in real life. It provides you with an opportunity to get to know someone without dealing with the social awkwardness of face-to-face experiences. Then, when the time is right – you can set something up to meet with the special someone in person. With Skout, you get to know people for their personality instead of just their looks.

Skout offers benefits that you cannot get from any other dating site. The best part is that it is free for you to use. You can download the app on your phone, tablet and even use it on your computer. Stay in touch with those around you and expand on your friendships and relationships with the help of this social media site that makes it possible.

Anthem Informs Customers About a Massive Computer Hack


News reports surfaced late Wednesday, February 4, 2015, that a large healthcare insurance company had become the latest in a string of companies to suffer a massive data breach by online hackers. Anthem Health Care, the parent company of Anthem Blue Cross indicated that it had sustained an improper data breach that potentially exposed a large number of present and former customers and employees to exposure of personal data.

The hacking incident allegedly occurred on December 10, 2014, but was not discovered until January 27, 2015 stated Valiainvestments.com. A database containing as many as 80 million files may have been implicated said Sultan Alhokair. The incident is still under investigation. However, Anthem notified a number of its customers in California that their information may have been accessed improperly.

Just recently, several large corporate databases have sustained massive breaches by hackers. Authorities cautioned victims to beware of solicitations from unauthorized parties improperly seeking additional personal information from them. They described these types of inquiries as “piggy back” hacking attempts.

In 2013, the federal Department of Health and Human Services complained about an earlier data breach of the company’s computer system, an issue which was reportedly resolved. However, the most recent breach potentially impacts a large number of people.

Anthem reportedly maintains its headquarters in Indiana. The company is one of the largest providers of healthcare insurance in the country, and insures millions of people in California.

The Reasons Internet Users Block Ads


It’s no secret that Internet users like Dave Morin install ad-blocking extensions on their browsers. Researchers have found that some people believe online ads are too intrusive. Others feel that they shouldn’t have to see ads when they pay for their Internet connection service.

As a result of ad-blocking, many advertisers like Microsoft and Amazon pay ad-blocking companies to put them on a whitelists of “approved advertising.” It was revealed this week that some companies are paying up to 30 percent of the revenues they expect to gain from online ads.

The weird part?

Most users can still block these ads by changing their extension settings. Advertisers are essentially paying 30 percent of their revenues to try to gain the attention of the few ad-blocker users who don’t know how to change the settings or don’t care about the few ads that make it past a block.

Yet, no one is actually addressing the real problem. Advertisers don’t recognize that many people block because automated animated ads, such as GIFs and videos that play when users access sites, take up too many computer resources causing slowdown and freezing.

This last reason has been one of the biggest incentives for Internet users to install ad-blockers. If advertising simply went back to static ads, or animated ads that need to be manually activated, their advertisements could still draw attention without them losing more than a quarter of their revenues.

Skout Survey Helps Define Online Friendships

February 4, 2015 has been declared the first observation of International Online Friendship Day. It’s the day that we take the time to appreciate our many online friends and the role they play in our lives.

Skout, is a leading global application that is designed to bring people together. They operate in 180 countries with 14 languages. They define an online friendship as ones that are considered as friendships by two people who have never met in person. In honor of online friendships they ran a survey among their users, the results were often unexpected.

For instance, it seems that people from many different countries such as Brazil and the U.S. and others find it easier to discuss their sex lives with online friends than face to face. Women are more likely to have close online friends they’ve never met in person than are men. Sixty percent of persons in the U.S. were more honest when talking with online friends than with face to face friends. Online friendships are showing a trend of making friends in international circles.

Altogether the face of friendship is changing not just with Millennials, where 52% have online friendships, but also with persons over 40 also joining in with 47% having online friendships.

You can also check out more information about Skout on their blog.

Igor Cornelsen and the Brazilian Endeavor

“You must know the bare-bones, the basics.” These words, spoken by the stock market investor and adviser Igor Cornelsen, establish the groundwork for building a successful financial portfolio through Brazil’s banking system. After many years of collecting large returns, Cornelsen offers guidance to prospective traders in the country’s growing market. He believes in long-term strategies that include small stock purchases from a wide array of proven businesses. He emphasizes that the investor’s goal must be to earn a major return over time rather than to make a quick profit.

Igor Cornelsen’s distinguished career has placed him among the world’s most renowned financiers. He held powerful positions in several of Brazil’s prominent banks before he founded Bainbridge Group, a highly-esteemed company that serves newcomers to the world of investment. Along with his team of pecuniary experts, he provides clients with the adept insight and direction they need to secure a stable collection of monetary assets. Cornelsen’s approach is decidedly effective in an unpredictable market. He suggests a game plan based on in-depth understanding of the Brazilian economy and careful investment choices.

As South America’s largest country, Brazil is the ideal location for thriving businesses and venture capitalists. The region teems with natural resources, farmland, and people. According to Igor Cornelsen, new investors should begin by learning about Brazilian culture and forming relationships with local entrepreneurs. A large percentage of the nation’s youthful population is connected through business associations. Cornelsen warns that the government heavily regulates the country’s fragile system; he also encourages potential stockholders to opt in and persevere until the big payoff materializes.

Although Bainbridge Group operates out of the Bahamas, the proprietor is able to give professional consultations from his residences in South Florida and Brazil. His personal portfolio confirms that a full understanding of the market and a selection of solid, low cost investments yield a substantial return in the long run. Economic factors often cause fluctuations in profits, but a long-term strategy generates far-reaching success. Brazil is an emerging center of opportunity; for matchless insight into the sphere of Brazilian finances and valuable advice about stock market endeavors, clients depend on Igor Cornelsen.