Are Elderly-Friendly Gadgets Really Beneficial?

When it comes to the aging population, many of us know that they often fall short on technology. They may not know how to use a smartphone, tablet or even computer in order to do different things related to these devices. While this is a definite problem, there are many companies that are beginning to make elderly-friendly gadgets that are supposedly easier for seniors to use throughout the day. Sergio Cortes implied that these devices come with everything from larger screens and font to easier to push buttons so that seniors do not get confused while using them.

The issue that some of these gadgets have is that seniors may still be having problems in terms of actually using them. This is a major problem for those who want to utilize gadgets but cannot. These gadgets may seem like they are easier to use and better for the aging population, but they can be just as confusing and frustrating than anything else. This is why there has to be more research and work put into these types of gadgets so that the elderly seniors who are using them can actually make good use of them without the confusion that often comes along with it. Because of the fact that technology is continually growing each day, it is no wonder that some senior citizens are feeling left out just because they cannot use these gadgets for themselves at all.

The Coffee of the Century

Bulletproof Coffee is both and innovative and new product that has made headlines. This new brand is selling itself to the public and being the new and upgraded coffee that people should have as opposed to Starbucks or any other coffees with harmful chemicals. This brand, started by Dave Asprey in 2009 has a goal of being not only the most delicious coffee sold on shelves but also as being the most delicious coffee. Actresses such as Maya Rudolph and Shailene Wood, have both been raving about this innovative coffee. They say that a cup of Bulletproof Coffee in the morning, puts the clarity into their morning fog.

What makes the Bulletproof Coffee brand is that use of grass-fed butter. The butter that is used makes this cup of coffee both delicious and nutritious. Though butter may not seem healthy for the body, it gives the body those needed fats that accelerate the weight losing process.

This brand of coffee prides itself for being the healthier choice when compared to some of the other leading brands. Compare the Bulletproof cup of coffee to Starbucks’ coffee. You walk into Starbucks and order a 200 calorie latte with a 700 calorie blueberry muffin. These two items combine give you not only a quick breakfast but also 900 empty calories that will leave you hungry within an hour or two. The Bulletproof Coffee, when compared to Starbucks is the healthier option because of the 500 calorie difference in the morning. This cup of coffee though estimated at having around 460 calories, leaves you full and ready for a great day.

What makes this cup of coffee so good are also the beans. These beans are of the highest quality and are roasted until perfection. This process starts with the beans being grown on a plot of land in Central America. The beans are grown in such away to avoid fermentation of sunlight from adding any unwanted chemicals to the beans. The beans, when ready, are then harvested and transported to where they will be roasted. The roaster that is used for these beans is the number one roaster in the USA. This will ensure that the highest quality of flavor will reach the consumer when they are taking their first sip of Bulletproof coffee. The beans are then slowly roasted in small batches.

What makes this coffee so great is not the expenses but the time and effort put into creating this new and innovative brand. Visit Bulletproof Coffee on their Facebook page.

Google Releases an Unsend Feature on Gmail Client

Gmail users who have a tendency to accidentally hit send won’t need to worry any longer. Google has officially added an “undo send” feature to its e-mail client and app, according to an official press release.

While the addition is a great idea it won’t work hours after a send. According to the official statement, users will have to activate the feature from the Gmail client. They can set a time frame between 5 and 30 seconds. If the undo send feature is activated the e-mail will be pulled back. Those who do not set up the feature will not have the option to retrieve previously sent e-mails.

According to experts, Google has been toying with the feature for years, and has finally perfected it enough to offer to the masses. While it isn’t a perfect solution, it does offer users the ability to pull back e-mails that they sent to the wrong user, or accidentally ‘replied all’ to according to LinkedIn.

The feature works similarly to a television network delay. The delay gives you time to cancel the send before it heads out into cyberspace. The bad news, however, is that once an e-mail is completely sent, specifically after your chosen delay time has elapsed there is no way to pull it out of e-mail boxes.

While it isn’t a perfect solution just yet, it is a feature that many fumbling mobile users and emotional individuals are sure to get a lot of use out of.

Peugeot Plans Automobile Factory in Morocco

On Friday, the Paris-based automotive firm PSA Peugeot Citroen announced plans to construct a new factoryoutside Kenitra, about 30 miles north of the capital of Rabat. The company becomes the second large French automaker to establish production facilities in Morocco.

PSA Peugeot Citroen recently established a partnership to market cars in Nigeria, and the firm believes its Morocco plant will complement those efforts. Jean-Christophe Quemard, the head of Peugeot’s African division, explained that Peugeot hopes to sell 1,000,000 vehicles in Africa and the Middle East annually by 2025.

The facility near Kenitra will go into production in 2019 reports Mikal Watts in this article. It will produce 90,000 cars initially, but may expand to produce 200,000 annually. The French automaker is providing the bulk of the $632 million funds for the new development, company officials reported. CEO Carlos Tavares met with Moroccan Minister of Industry Moulay Hafid Elalamy to sign the accord.

Mr. Tavares said:”This region is important and dear to our hearts. We decided that PSA is ready to make a committed offensive on the African continent and Middle East.” He praised Morocco’s infrastructure and the quality of its workforce.

Renault has constructed plants in Tangier and Casablanca, as well as neighboring Algeria. In 2014, Morocco exported approximately $4 billion worth of cars and automotive parts. It has witnessed a 12% increase in exports this year compared with the same time last year.

War between Advertisers and Ad Blockers Continues

Are you among the millions of worldwide Internet users who use ad blockers? If so, Andy Wirth has heard there are a lot of advertisers unhappy with you. They claim ad blocking is unfair because it limits their earning ability. Internet users counter with their own claims questioning the fairness of having to be subjected to intrusive and sometimes offensive ads just to read the news or watch a video. And so the war between advertisers and ad blockers continues unabated.

A new company founded by a formal Google employee aims to shift the balance in favor of advertisers. Sourcepoint intends to battle ad blocking by giving advertisers and website owners a couple of choices. They can circumvent ad blocking software altogether or attempt to guilt website visitors into accepting ads as a way of keeping everyone in business. While Sourcepoint believes they have a strong model for success, there is a very real possibility they will fail.

The difficulty with online advertising is that it is so patently intrusive. It’s not like a newspaper where advertisements do not obscure the text readers are trying to access. It’s not like television or radio advertising which places commercials between chunks of content. Rather, Internet advertising completely overwhelms content so that it must be dealt with before that content can be enjoyed. Until advertisers solve that problem, Internet users will continue to use ad blocking technology.

North Korean Defector Navigates Demilitarized Zone

South Korea has announced that a defector crossed the border between North and South Korea early Monday. According to reports, the man is a teenage, North Korean solider who traversed the Demilitarized Zone between the two countries. He made his way to authorities and shared his desires to defect. He has been taken into custody.

Relations between North and South Korea are among the most tense in the world. The area hat the man traversed is one of the most dangerous on the planet, with over 1,000 military professionals standing guard around the clock. The area is also rife with landmines to ensure the safety and security of the region.

According to official reports, the young man, who has not been named, was under investigation by North Korean authorities when he made the trek. He wishes to stay in South Korea, but no official decision has been made, according to official reports.

According to Sergio Cortes,  South Korea has experienced an influx of North Korean defectors in recent years, very few move through the demilitarized zone. In fact, the majority of individuals who break from North Korea enter into China. The border between China and North Korea is far less secure, and people can pass somewhat freely between the two nations. Political relations between North Korea and China are much more amicable.

Bernie Sanders is Sweeping the Internet and Changing How Americans Think

Bernie Sanders might not ever see the oval office, but he has been declared the unofficial president of internet politics. Right-winged republicans would usually descries Sanders in a very unflattering manner by claiming he is a rogue and crazy socialist who wants to see America as we know it destroyed. The truth is, even though Sanders is a self proclaimed socialist, his points are very articulately illustrated and his message is one that many Americans have been waiting to hear for decades but few have been willing to stand behind. This unusual approach to politics is what has made Sanders an internet sensation.

Though, the polls show that less than one percent of Americans fully support his democratic bid for the 2016 presidency, numbers which would cause many politicians to throw in the towel. But not Sanders, he is using this platform to spread his ideas for wealth distribution, government reform, and tuition-free college for example. These progressive ideas are leading to many of Sanders interviews and speeches becoming viral, helping to expand his already impressive grassroots campaign.

It appears Sanders is well aware that he is an underdog in the upcoming election, giving him free reign to say exactly how he feels without the fear of dropping in the polls. A fear that Movie execs at STX Entertainment know keeps many politicians walking an extremely fine line.

Do not buy the apple watch!

Just give it some time, you should never buy the first of anything anyways. The apple watch is sweet and new with a lot of hype. But besides that, it sucks performance wise. With its baby 24 hour battery it’s more of an inconvenience watch than anything. Isn’t the point of a watch to forget about it until you need it? Well not with apple watch you have to remember to charge it every day. But don’t you worry there is a much better watch coming soon in around a year according to Kevin Seawright on the website Also because the device is new and the first of its kind, the price is going to be way too high for a first time buy from Apple.
Knowing apple every 6 months they come out with a new updated version that requires you to basically spend the same amount of money on the same product with one or two changes to it. This is how they make all their money. If you really want all your bang for your buck go get a pebble time. Pebble time was one of the first to release a smart watch and besides having a brand name that is not as popular as apple, they make really good smart watches. First off it has a seven day battery life! That is incredible, along with the very low price of 179 it is very hard to beat that. This watch is also compatible with several different OS systems.

Skout Helped Me To Move On From A Bad Divorce

No one ever told me how hard it would be to lose the love of my life, and it was something that I had to deal with on my own. My husband and I divorced almost a year ago, and I’m still reeling from the loss. We both decided to go our separate ways, because we argue too much, and there were infidelity issues on his side. I honestly didn’t feel like I would ever trust anyone again, but my friends told me that I needed to try and move on. After a year, it was very hard to think about dating anyone, but I knew that it was time.

My husband had already moved on to someone else, and it hurt me deeply to see that he was so happy without me, while I felt miserable without him. I was determined to get back into the dating world, so I joined Skout. Skout has made a big difference in my life, and I started out by creating a profile. The Skout network is very simple to navigate, and creating a profile doesn’t take very long. I was able to personalize a profile to my specific taste, and I added a few pictures to entice any possible person I’d be talking to.

I paid for some Skout points, so I could use every feature that the network had to offer. I’m very impressed with Skout, and the fact that there are so many people on the network. From what I’m told, the network has over 100 million users, which means that I have a lot of people to choose from. I did a search that would help me to find a guy in my specific area, and a lot of results came back. I was able to find guys who had some of my same interests, and I started talking to several guys at one time on Skout. 

I found myself more in love with talking than looking for love itself. I was able to open up about my messy divorce and let down my guard a little bit. One guy took an extreme interest in my life and my stories, and after he exchanged his life story with me, I could see why he was so interested. He had gone through a messy divorce as well, and it seemed as if we were kindred spirits. I’ve been talking to this guy for a month now, and it looks as if I found a significant other through Skout.

PayPal Freezes The account of a Software Developer Associated With Piracy

After a complaint, PayPal has frozen an account of software developer Andrew Sampson who is responsible for a search engine that can find pirated content. According to TorrentFreak the account had $2,500 $250 of which came from the search engine.

Andrew had added the account to his website so that people could be able to send donations to him seeing that he was not making money through advertising. He later removed it but the money remained in the account. This is according to TorrentFreak.

Andrew has now lost control of his funds. He is also to get rid of all the mentions of the account from the website.

The Motion Pictures Association of America filed the complaint. PayPal has been taking down accounts for people being tied to piracy after complaints from copyright holders. It will now have control of the funds for up to 180 days and can even take money as damages.

Andrew was informed about the frozen account through an email from PayPal. He has expressed his disappointment saying that most of the money in the account came from legitimate freelance work and that he was planning on using it on his rent/car payment.

PayPal also recently shut down the account of Russian anti-Kremlin activists. They gave the fact that It will require complex processes for them to verify the identity of the people as the reason for the shutdown. Brian Torchin was surprised at PayPal taking these actions.