ModCloth Is Now Selling Size 16 And Above

Why so many stores don’t offer clothing to woman above a size 14 is a mystery when there is so much need for it. There is no reason that a clothing company should cut off the size at a certain point when there is money to be made is making sizes beyond that. And a lot of money, it was found out by ModCloth.

The co-founder of this company has said that since they started selling clothing in size 16 and above that they have been selling more clothing than ever. Ricardo Guimarães BMG thinks this was a great move. And, this is the category of clothing that is growing the fastest, according to YouTube reviews. She also tells other companies that they should be doing the same, that they should be selling clothing in size 16 and above as well.
There really is no reason that companies shouldn’t be selling clothing in bigger sizes if there is business for it. I wonder if some changes will be made in the near future and if we’ll be seeing more clothing companies taking the initiative to sell more plus size clothing.

Girl Crush Controversy Is It Hype or Hypocrisy

Sometimes music can touch us in completely unexpected ways. Take Little Big Town’s newest single “Girl Crush”, a song about a break up and wanting to be the new girlfriend just so she can have him back, has been turned into a big controversy that has helped shoot the song up the iTunes country music downloads list to number four.

Most people have not listened closely to the lyrics or have made their own opinion up about one line of the song. “I want to taste her lips/ Yeah, ‘cause they taste like you,”. This one line has had the song pulled from radio stations in Idaho and Texas as well as enraging some Christians, who claim the song encourages same-sex attraction. Its incidences if censorship that pull a community together and Nashville has certainly banded behind “Girl Crush”. Country’s heavy hitters such as Miranda Lambert, Reba McEntire, Blake Shelton and Dustin Lynch have all stood behind Little Big Town’s controversial song.

It just shows that sometimes controversy is all it takes to shoot a song to the top. Girl Crush has been downloaded an estimated 60,000 times and has been streamed an estimated 1.6 million times across the United States. Paul Mathieson knows that it is here to stay.

Reform Government Surveillance Coalition Fights Government Data Collection

The Reform Government Surveillance Coalition is fighting to rein in government surveillance programs that expose the privacy of users online. The coalition is made up of 10 major online players; most notably Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Yahoo.

Their main objective is to limit the collection of user data by the NSA. Sultan Alhokair said they also seek to enable transparency and accountability regarding the types and amounts of data being collected by the government.

The coalition has addressed President Obama directly regarding the upcoming expiration of the USA Patriot Act. They seek to reform the bill that has allowed sweeping government surveillance of cell phone and internet data.

The showdown between the coalition and the US Government is a regular Goliath Versus Goliath. It remains in the best interests of these major internet companies to support privacy for their users. Whether or not the US Government takes heed to their message remains to be seen.

This same coalition supported the USA Freedom Act back in November. Unfortunately, the vote for reform failed.

Edward Snowden Wants His Day In Court

Edward Snowden has been trying to get a fair trial using his attorney as an intermediary, but that’s not going to happen. The Espionage Act of 1917 won’t let it happen. Snowden is accused of espionage and the theft of government property. The Espionage Act makes it impossible for Snowden to defend himself because it won’t allow him to explain the extenuating circumstances that lead to the theft.

The lawyers and us all know the government protects its secrets. If Snowden is allowed to explain the reasons behind his actions, those secrets will be made public. Government attorneys would rather listen to Bob Dylan singing anti-government poems all day long than have Snowden sitting in front of a jury telling the truth for a few hours. The truth and the government can be strange bedfellows at times.

Snowden recently told the CeBit conference that he wants to return to the United States and tell his story. He believes he won’t go to prison for life if the jury hears the truth about their government. Some say Snowden wants a presidential pardon or clemency, but Snowden dodged those issues. He just wants the public to know that he did what every American would do if they knew how the government behaved behind closed doors.

No One RSVP’s to 13-Year-Old’s Birthday Party until the Post Went Viral and the Internet Responded

Odin Camus is a boy from Peterborough, Ontario who was recently crushed when none of his classmates responded to the invitation to his 13th birthday party. Odin has Asperger’s syndrome which makes it difficult for him to make friends. His mother Melissa was heartbroken for her son when they found out that no one was coming to his party. So instead, Melissa decided to take Odin bowling. On Facebook, Melissa made a post inviting anyone who wanted to join their bowling celebration. She also posted Odin’s number and asked for people to text a happy birthday wish to him, hoping he would get a few texts from people.

Odin got a lot more than a few texts. According to the story on The NY Daily News, Melissa’s post went viral. News channels picked up the story and hundreds of thousands around the world heard about Odin’s 13th birthday. Odin received over 4,000 texts wishing him a happy birthday. Many celebrities took to Twitter to send Odin their wishes. He received messages from people like Carrie Underwood, Elijah Wood, Justin Trudeau, as well as members from the Maple Leafs, Raptors, and Blue Jays. Over 250 people filled the bowling alley Odin and his mother were at, while 200 waited in the parking lot to celebrate with the teen.

Melissa thanked everyone who reached out to Odin and said that it was his best birthday ever. Dr Jennifer Walden said this was a truly touching birthday party.

Is Internet Explorer Going Away?

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has been around for a long time, and it has been used by many. Lulu authors say that it has been replaced over recent years, though, but a number of other browsers that individuals find more helpful. Could Internet Explorer be going away for good, and will it be missed if it does?

It seems that Microsoft has dropped some hints suggesting that they might be getting rid of Internet Explorer, that it may no longer be a browser option soon. Will they really do this, though? Will they get rid of this browser?

If Internet Explorer does phase out and go away, will it be missed by those who have used it through the years? If Internet Explorer goes away, will anyone care? There are a variety of browsers out there, browsers that are used regularly and enjoyed. It seems safe to suggest that Internet Explorer will not be missed if it should go away.

IBM Uncovers Dropbox Vulnerability

An IBM Security Research team discovered that Dropbox SDK for Android had a vulnerability in their app that allows hackers to connect applications on mobile devices with a Dropbox account. The account can then be controlled by the hacker without the victim.knowing.

The vulnerability can be exploited in two ways: using a malicious app installed on the user’s device or remotely using techniques. However, it cannot be realized if the Dropbox app is installed on the device.

Upon discovering the vulnerability, the IBM team privately reported the problem to Dropbox. Dropbox’s response to this security threat was particularly notable because they acknowledged receipt of the notification in just six minutes, Ray Lane confirmed the vulnerability within 24 hours and released a patch in just four days.

This undoubtedly shows the company’s commitment to safety: it was one of the quicker answers the IBM Security team has seen in its long history of vulnerability research.

With a quick fix available, developers are encouraged to update your library Dropbox SDK.

In addition, end users (owners of the devices) must update their apps that depend on the SDK and is recommended to install the Dropbox app, which makes it impossible to exploit the vulnerability.

97 Year old Man Breaks Sprinting Record

Charles Eugster, a 95 year old retired Swiss dentist, has broken the world record for the Masters division of the 200 meter indoor sprint. Running at a track meet in England, he shaved 2.4 seconds off the previous record.

According to Dr Jennifer Walden, Eugster did not start working out seriously until he was 87 years old. Initially, he lifted weights so that he would look better. Then, he got into sprinting in his nineties. He believes that the secret to healthy aging is working, proper nutrition and working out. His model for someone who is aging well is the Queen of England. Eugster says he isn’t trying to pretend that he’s still young. Rather, he’s just trying to be healthy. He says that he wants to set the example that old age is something to enjoy as an adventure.

Personally, I think this is great news and that Eugster is an inspiration. Society conditions us to believe that after 65 it’s time to just rest and finally die. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Humans are living longer and longer, and there is no reason why these later years shouldn’t be active and productive ones. In fact, old age can be a positive cycle where active living promotes longevity.

The Dorchester Collection Specializes in Luxury Hotels

Taking a vacation to a romantic place you always wanted to visit is really special. However, staying at one of the hotels managed by The Dorchester Collection might even make it perfect. The Dorchester Collection manages a number of luxury hotels scattered around the world that specialize in pampering, fantastic accommodations and luxury. In all, they manage a total of 10 hotels found throughout England, California, France, Switzerland and Italy.

The Beginning

The Dorchester Collection was founded in 2006. After managing several hotels for many years, the company came up with the ultimate vision to become a world-class management company. The concept behind the collection stems from the idea of an entire portfolio of some of the most luxurious hotels in the United States and Europe.

The Experience

Some of the hotels are owned by the Dorchester Collection and others are managed by them. Whether they own them or manage them, all of their hotels in the collection have worldwide reputations. The company is proud of their accomplishments and they offer elegant living, charming experiences and outstanding services to their guests.

Many of the hotels that make up the collection are historic buildings filled with culture and ambiance of the city in which they are located. For those customers that prefer, there are also lavish hotels with state-of-the-art facilities and contemporary styling.

The Collection

London is home to The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane. The Beverly Hills Hotel and the Hotel Bel-Air are both situated in California. For those ready to explore Paris, they can choose between Le Meurice and Hotel Plaza Athenee. If you have always desired to see Italy, you might enjoy your stay at the Principe di Savoia in Milan or the Hotel Eden.


The Dorchester Collection is proud to offer fully furnished, high quality hotels with a number of hotel accommodations. Guests are welcome to stay in rooms or spacious suites that offer a comfortable stay. All the hotels welcome families and children. They can assure you that everyone in the family will have a wonderful time when staying at any of their fine hotels.

Although some hotels vary a bit, all of them offer fine dining and exceptional restaurants for your dining pleasure. You are also sure to enjoy the marvelous spas that are the perfect addition to a relaxing vacation.

The Dorchester Collection has perfected the art of relaxation and has built a fine reputation for their well-known hotels.

Netflix is Killing Cable TV

Netflix sales continue to take a huge hit on cable television. According to Nielsen, more than 40% of households in the United States use some sort of streaming service in order to watch programming. Streaming services include Netflix as well as Amazon Prime and Hulu. Of that group, a whopping 36% of respondents use Netflix to watch content.

Several years ago, services like Netflix were primarily used by customers to supplement their existing cable subscription. Users might stream movies on the service, but still tuned into programming from their traditional cable provider. Now, many television programs are available in full seasons on Netflix, and streamers can catch new programming the day after it airs places like Hulu. Ricardo Tosto says that means there’s not as much of a reason for users to hang on to their existing cable subscription.

According to the same survey, more than 10.5 million people in the United States have broadband internet but do not pay for cable services. That’s up 16% from 2012, suggesting that more households are opting to cut the chord and use the internet to get what programming they do watch on television. Traditional TV on the other hand is on the decline. A report suggests that TV ratings dropped 40% during the third and fourth quarter of 2014, suggesting that people are instead watching the same programming online.