Air Umbrella to be Released December 2015

An Air Umbrella has been invented to keep rain away. Instead of the traditional fabric model, the Air Umbrella uses a cushion of air to propel rain away from the user. Supported by more than 300 supporters, the product has tripled its pledged goal of raising $10,000 on the popular start-up website, Although it is still in the research and development phase, says backer Gianfrancesco Genoso, Air Umbrella is scheduled to be released in December 2015.

Depending on the weather conditions, the Air Umbrella can be used to shield one or two persons at the same time. It can also be adjusted to protect more than two individuals if the amount of precipitation is relatively light. The product is designed with a handle that looks the same as a typical fabric umbrella. But within the handle, is a lithium battery that sends power to a fan at the top of the handle. When the Air Umbrella is switched on, air flows through an intake vent and the fan creates a buffer that protects the user from the rain.

Brainchild of Chinese inventor, Chuan Wang, this potentially handy gadget has three different designs. Besides a lithium battery and a fan, all three models appear to have a motor, a controller and a master switch. There is even a model with an extensible handle for greater coverage. Designers of the Air Umbrella will continue to improve the product until its planned release date.

New iMac to Have World’s Hightest Resolution Display

Apple announced a plethora of new devices at their latest press conference. Including announcements of the iPad Mini 3, as well as the iPad Air 2. But another major announcement was about the new iMac, which will feature a 5K display.

We’ve just recently moved into 4K territory, but Apple has already moved way past that to take us into 5120 x 2880 resolution, which is currently better than any other display offered on the market.

A massive move that should really have the shareholders like Laurene Powell Jobs feeling good about where Apple is going. Currently the tech giant is the most valuable company worldwide. With these announcements they’re likely to keep that spot on the perch.