“A Rapper In Trouble Again”

The rapper “50 Cent” is in the media spotlight again. However, this is not in a positive way. The rapper has been court ordered to pay approximately $2 million dollars to a woman. This is because the rapper posted a sex-tape of this woman on the Internet. This case has been ongoing for some time now. In fact, the rapper recently paid this same woman $5 million dollars.

During the court case, “50 Cent” told the jury that he is at the point of going bankrupt. He told the jury not to believe what they see on television. He only borrows expensive jewelry and cars for videos, but he does not own any of that stuff in real life. The rapper also posted a picture of himself next to a shabby car and with an old suit on.

The jury alongside Susan McGalla, however, did not believe this at all. One of the things that truly hurt the rapper was an article recently put out regarding his worth. It was estimated that he is worth almost $200 million dollars. This is why the jury did not find it hard to make him pay the woman this money.

Many “50 Cent” fans are torn by this issue. Some fans believe he should have never committed this act in the first place. Other fans believe we all make mistakes and the rapper already made a sizable payment to the woman. This situation will be ongoing for the months to follow, and hopefully the rapper will make some music about it, especially if he really needs the money.

Building A Great Company

Building a great company over time takes a lot of planning, hard work and people skills. There are many different ways in which a great company can be built. One of the best CEO’s over the past couple of decades is Brian Bonar. Not only does has he had success at multiple different companies, but he has also shown how to build a great company over time. There are many different ways in which he says a company can be built up over time. Here are some pieces of advice that he gives to companies that are looking to grow in the long run.


One way in which Brian Bonar (PRNewsWire) is different from many CEO’s is that he pours in to and invests in his employees. His philosophy is that turnover is costly and that people should do everything that they can to prevent it. There are many costs to turnover, ranging from replacing the lost worker to the productivity that must be replaced as well. He points to large companies like Costco that pay people well above the market average for doing similar work. These companies have a different look and feel than many different stores, and Brian Bonar wants his company employees to take on a culture of loving what they do.

Brian Bonar

As the CEO of various companies, Brian Bonar has a wide range of experience in building up a company from the ground up. Not only does Brian Bonar know how to build a leadership team, but he also knows how to hire the right people. With a background in finance, Brian Bonar is one of those rare CEO’s that are great with people but also understands the financial side of the business really well. This is a great combination to have, especially since many CEO’s are simply good at one or the other. At the end of the day, a good CEO will have to wear many different hats and have expertise in a wide variety of areas. Brian Bonar has shown that this is possible to do, and this is one of the biggest reasons why his companies are so successful over time.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Brian Bonar is a great example of a CEO that understands how to build a great business. There are many ways in which Brian Bonar differs from the mainstream thinking on his styles of business, but there is no one that can argue with the success that he has had over time. Anyone looking to learn how to build a great business in a variety of different fields should learn from the experience of Brian Bonar and his great work.

Awareness Is Key

With each gender, there are certain ailments that afflict both. Men are prone to testicular hernias while women are prone to cystic disease. It is reported that one out of every ten women suffer from polycystic ovarian disease. Oddly enough, many women suffer throughout their lives without even knowing that they have PCOS.

The precise cause of polycystic ovarian syndrome is unknown. Many experts like Christian Broda believe that it develops from having an excess in male hormones, as well as irregular ovulation. Research as shown that approximately 70-80 percent of cases are genetic, which means, if a mother suffers from this disease, there is a 50 percent chance that her daughter will as well.

Symptoms of PCOS can include an irregular menstrual cycle, excess facial and body hair, severe acne, cysts present on one or both of the ovaries and infertility. Additionally, new studies have shown that if left untreated, PCOS could lead to more serious diseases such as prediabetes and diabetes, as well as increase the risk of certain female cancers.

With that said, awareness of PCOS is crucial as to help women ascertain appropriate treatment. Women need to take note of any new or ongoing symptoms they are having. Seeking medical advice can help ease fears, but also lessen symptoms if they happen to be suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome.

What Makes Eric Pulier Great?

When it comes to individuals who make it and who can truly be called great, there are not many out there. When it comes to someone who stands out as being different and special, it can be hard to find someone who is worthy of the titles. I find it hard to find someone who I think is worthy of being put up or called great, and I know that others out there feel the same way that I do. Eric Pulier is one person who really is great in the things that he does and the way that he lives, and he is deserving of the title.

What has Eric Pulier done that is great, and what has led him to this point? The man started young, and he has continued to work hard toward being a great person. This individual started working in the computer programming world while he was still in school, in the fourth grade, even. He wanted to learn about the computer world at a young age, and he didn’t give up until he had learned a lot. The individual then went on to study at Harvard, to continue the education that he was receiving. This man didn’t want to give up without first gaining a good education. This man wanted to be all that he could be, and I believe that his schooling helped him meet that goal.

It isn’t just the education or the achievements that Eric Pulier has accomplished that make him who he is. That isn’t all that it takes to make this man great. He is also someone who is deeply concerned about charity, and he does much to help those who are less fortunate than he is. This man cares about the rest of the individuals living on this world, and he helps them out. This man wants to do good for others, to help them achieve some of the success that he has achieved, and to help them live a happy and healthy life.

Joseph Bismark and His Impact on the World


I read an very interesting article on the blog We Don’t Love These Hogues about Joseph Bismark and his business style. From my understanding, Joseph Bismark led a very interesting life since childhood, living with monks in the Philippines. His extremely unique and extraordinary lifestyle led him on a spiritual journey that also made him a business visionary. In his adult life Bismark became the founding director of the Qi Group, where his championed the idea of personal responsibility and spiritual growth. In addition to creating a socially responsible and peaceful atmosphere within his company, Joseph Bismark created the Quest International University Perak. This university in Malaysia was a private institution that not only focused on basic education but on the global impact of everyone. Bismark’s goal was to have students leave the university with the understanding of their impact on the earth. Joseph Bismark believes that everyone on this planet has the ability to be successful. He believes in his heart that everyone has the ability to do amazing things with their lives. I was fascinated by this article because it truly captured a human being that is not focused on solely making money with this businesses but it is dedicated to making this world a better place. The article not only inspired me to work hard on my business ideas but it inspired me to focus on the impact I have on this planet.

FreedomPop Raises Fund Instead of Selling Out

FreedomPop is one of the hottest start up companies in the world and is turning the traditional phone companies on their head by its services. Instead of typical cell phone plans, FreedomPop functions with the idea that a certain number of calls and text are free. Then, after users get over the free mark, they pay extra for anything they use. The founders of FreedomPop have received several offers to sell their company to investors. They recently turned down an offer of $30 million in order to keep working in their company.

Many people would have taken the offer made by investors, but the founders of FreedomPop believe that in a couple of years their company is going to be worth a lot more than it is now. Start up companies like FreedomPop are valued on their projected future earnings and are usually sold for a multiple of that. In this example, they believe that their company will be worth over $100 million based on the revenue rate of growth and how profitable the company has been so far. Only time will tell if this was the correct decision for the founders of the company to make.

Overall, FreedomPop is a disruption in the cell phone industry. Although the vast majority of cell phone companies are controlling a huge percentage of the customer base there are many start up companies taking away market share. The services of FreedomPop are great for people that do not use their phones constantly and would rather pay less for the services that they do not use on a regular basis. There are many people that believe companies like FreedomPop will become more popular over the next couple of years as the technology in this industry continues to expand and move away from other more prominent companies.

Computer Science Corporation’s VP and General Manager – Eric Pulier

The Computer Science Corporation is a business based out of Falls Church Virginia. They have over 70,000 employees to date and have been in business since 1959. They were first established in Los Angeles by Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jones. They are one of the world’s largest software and IT service providers. Their current CEO, John Michael Lawrie, has vision to take the company to new levels in service and excellence. Currently they are marketed as a company brining in nearly 13 billion dollars per year in revenues.

Their VP and General Manager of Cloud Services is Eric Pulier (Twitter.com). Pulier is an author and philanthropist based out of the LA area. From humble beginnings in Teaneck, New Jersey, Pulier was already taking apart and working on computers by the fourth grade. It was in his high school years that he branched out and started a database computer company. Bound for greatness, he went to Harvard in 1984 to major in English and American Literature. He graduated magna cum laude in the year 1988 and then moved back to the LA area.

He has been responsible for starting more than 15 businesses in his time. One of the first was in the LA area in 1991. The company “People Doing Things” helped with healthcare and education by using technology advancements. He also built Star Bright World for ill children to allow then to chat and blog with each other about their journeys. Though computers and writing are his work, helping children is his passion. He is a father of four who is devoted to their lives, as well as helping those with chronic illnesses.

As one of the key features at the head of Computer Science Corporation, his charitable acts and big heart have brought much attention to the company. The company is in many countries throughout the world, and Pulier has had his hands in the action to build this company bigger and better. Since he began his career in the fourth grade, his knowledge is vast in this arena. His gentle nature and ability to go above and beyond by helping those in need shows that all of his success has made him well grounded and willing to lend a hand.

This company is rated by Forbes 500 as the biggest IT corporation and provider in the world. So with so much success comes much responsibly. Working alongside John Michael Lawrie, Eric Pulier and the other members of management have vision and drive to be bigger and better in the next decade. Already a driving force, the Virginia based company will continue to expand their international market to the more than 70 countries that they currently service.

North American Spine’s AccuraScope Procedure

North American Spine™, featured on WFAA’s July 7th’s Good Morning Texas broadcast as reported on the PR Newswire, offers an alternative to open back surgery, their minimally invasive AccuraScope procedure. The procedure is used to relieve pain in the neck and back. Many patients travel to Dallas, TX, from out of state to receive their care at this facility. A Good Morning Texas reporter interviewed Dr. Basem Abdelfattah, fellowship-trained Pain Specialist with North American Spine™ in Dallas, Texas, who explained the AccuraScope procedure.

The AccuraScope procedure can diagnose and treat the cause of back and neck pain in one procedure using a small laser. Most patients are pain-free immediately following this minimally invasive procedure and are soon able to return to work. The Lumbar AccuraScope Procedure which usually lasts less than 45 minutes treats lower back pain. Doctors at North American Spine will approach upper back pain with the Thoracic AccuraScope Procedure. The Cervical AccuraScope Procedure is used to treat chronic neck pain.

North American Spine’s™ board-certified doctors have performed more than 8,000 of these minimally invasive surgeries. This approach saves lots of money in out-of-pocket expenses and has an 82% success rate. The doctors use tiny lasers and high definition cameras to treat a patient for pain relief, decompression, and/or stabilization.

Are Elderly-Friendly Gadgets Really Beneficial?

When it comes to the aging population, many of us know that they often fall short on technology. They may not know how to use a smartphone, tablet or even computer in order to do different things related to these devices. While this is a definite problem, there are many companies that are beginning to make elderly-friendly gadgets that are supposedly easier for seniors to use throughout the day. Sergio Cortes implied that these devices come with everything from larger screens and font to easier to push buttons so that seniors do not get confused while using them.

The issue that some of these gadgets have is that seniors may still be having problems in terms of actually using them. This is a major problem for those who want to utilize gadgets but cannot. These gadgets may seem like they are easier to use and better for the aging population, but they can be just as confusing and frustrating than anything else. This is why there has to be more research and work put into these types of gadgets so that the elderly seniors who are using them can actually make good use of them without the confusion that often comes along with it. Because of the fact that technology is continually growing each day, it is no wonder that some senior citizens are feeling left out just because they cannot use these gadgets for themselves at all.

The Coffee of the Century

Bulletproof Coffee is both and innovative and new product that has made headlines. This new brand is selling itself to the public and being the new and upgraded coffee that people should have as opposed to Starbucks or any other coffees with harmful chemicals. This brand, started by Dave Asprey in 2009 has a goal of being not only the most delicious coffee sold on shelves but also as being the most delicious coffee. Actresses such as Maya Rudolph and Shailene Wood, have both been raving about this innovative coffee. They say that a cup of Bulletproof Coffee in the morning, puts the clarity into their morning fog.

What makes the Bulletproof Coffee brand is that use of grass-fed butter. The butter that is used makes this cup of coffee both delicious and nutritious. Though butter may not seem healthy for the body, it gives the body those needed fats that accelerate the weight losing process.

This brand of coffee prides itself for being the healthier choice when compared to some of the other leading brands. Compare the Bulletproof cup of coffee to Starbucks’ coffee. You walk into Starbucks and order a 200 calorie latte with a 700 calorie blueberry muffin. These two items combine give you not only a quick breakfast but also 900 empty calories that will leave you hungry within an hour or two. The Bulletproof Coffee, when compared to Starbucks is the healthier option because of the 500 calorie difference in the morning. This cup of coffee though estimated at having around 460 calories, leaves you full and ready for a great day.

What makes this cup of coffee so good are also the beans. These beans are of the highest quality and are roasted until perfection. This process starts with the beans being grown on a plot of land in Central America. The beans are grown in such away to avoid fermentation of sunlight from adding any unwanted chemicals to the beans. The beans, when ready, are then harvested and transported to where they will be roasted. The roaster that is used for these beans is the number one roaster in the USA. This will ensure that the highest quality of flavor will reach the consumer when they are taking their first sip of Bulletproof coffee. The beans are then slowly roasted in small batches.

What makes this coffee so great is not the expenses but the time and effort put into creating this new and innovative brand. Visit Bulletproof Coffee on their Facebook page.