Eucatex Continues to Expand

Eucatex has been a big name in Brazil since its inception back in November of 1951. They have also received a lot more attention around the world as well over the last couple of decades. They went from only producing and manufacturing ceiling tiles and panels to producing paint lines, wall partitions, laminate flooring and much more today. The first place that they exported product to was Europe. They now export to a total of 37 different countries worldwide. The company started its roots at the Americana Sawmill Americana, which was built in 1923.

Since the Beginning They Have Grown

Since the company’s inception, they have increased their number of offices worldwide. They currently have four regional headquarters along with a forestry division and more. The company has been working to improve their line of available eucalyptus seedlings as well since the 1970s. They also currently own their own Eucalyptus nursery where you can purchase Eucalyptus seedlings. The company is very environmentally friendly and have been from the start. Their Environmental Education Program has grown to see over twenty thousand visitors over the course of 15 years. The program is focused on educating the youth and other residents of the world on the importance of conserving our environment.

The Current Standing President of the Company

Flavio Maluf is the son of a famous politician in Brazil. He is the president of Grandfoods and Eucatex both located in his native country. Flavio was with the company for a few years before he was promoted to president of the company. If you look at his successful business career and history, it is easy to see why. He has shown commitment and dedication through each and every year he has been involved with the company. He showed the same dedication through his studies at the FAAP in Brazil

Skout Is Where I Found Renters For My Apartments

I own several apartments in New York City, and they are upscale and in great neighborhoods. My purpose of having these apartments is to rent them out for a profit, but I only temporary lease my apartments like a vacation rental. If a person comes into town, and they want to see New York City, then they can go into one of my high-rise apartments that overlook the city. The person may stay for a few days, a week, or even a few weeks. I make some good money from renting out these apartments, but the problem is that I am not getting as many renters as I need.

My goal is to keep all five of my apartments rented out simultaneously with only one day of vacancy in between rentals for cleaning. It seems like owning apartments in New York City would make me wealthy, but I am far from it. It was by good sense that I came across these apartments, and I want to continue making enough money to keep them maintained as well as putting money in my pocket. I am not one for social media, so I never thought of using any social media network to advertise my rentals.

I had to go to a person who builds websites like Skout, and they told me about several social media networks that would be great to advertise my apartments on. They even told me that I could go to the network to socialize, and then I can just casually mention the apartment rentals, especially since so many people are fascinated with New York City. I asked him for a suggestion about which social media network to use, and he gave me a couple names, but the name that stood out to me was Skout.

I was puzzled why he would tell me about Skout because I knew for a fact that it was a dating website, but he explained that Skout is not just for dating. Anyone who goes on the Skout network can look for love if they want to, but many people go there to socialize with others and even advertise their business. I thought it was a great idea, and I figured if I opened an account, then later on down the line I can look for a date if I wanted to.

I opened an account on the Skout network, and I started looking for people that lived in New York City that could advertise my rentals for a fee. I also started looking for people who talked about visiting New York City. Months have passed since I joined the Skout network, and it has really been lucrative for me because I’m able to keep my apartments filled almost all the time. Compared to the amount of rentals I was getting before, my rentals have a tripled, and now I’m making a lot more money with my apartment rentals, and I can really thank Skout for this. Skout is a great placed for anyone to advertise on.

Dating Apps popularity

Dating apps are beginning to take over he dating world. Long gone are the days where you would be casually introduced to your significant other by a friend or set up on a blind date because your friends thought you might be compatible. Speed dating never even really got its chance. Instead today we have a wide array of dating apps that allow you to casually meet someone through your phone, share some small talk, some pictures, and then meet from there at your choosing. Dating apps are going to be the way that dating is done for a long time if the way our culture has developed and continues to develop stands.

Skout is one of the most popular dating apps the internet has to offer currently. While its focus isn’t exclusively on dating but rather it serves as a median between finding friends and finding love it is still considered a very popular dating app. Skout is very reminiscent of Facebook in a lot of ways and allows for a very fast connection to meeting new people and deciding whether you are compatible with them or not.

These apps are popularized due to convenience if nothing else. It is much more difficult and intimidating to go out into public to try to meet people as opposed to simply signing onto an app from your phone at home or even at work and swiping a picture to say that you think someone is attractive and hope for a reply. While this may seem weird to someone not familiar with technology it is something that eliminates a lot of the awkwardness of meeting someone for the first time in person and makes it so that when you do finally meet one another, should it get that far, that you won’t be at all concerned with “What should I talk about?”

Dating apps are really the future centerpiece of dating. There is little surprise in the fact that they have popularized so quickly and easily with them being as simple as for example Tinder, which is just a simple swipe left or right, or OKcupid which allows a more in depth profile but also gives you the opportunity to move to a simple “Swipe left or right” type app when looking for someone to woo. With apps being this simple to use and our worldwide obsession with technology getting greater and greater it seems like it won’t be too much longer before dating becomes as simple as plugging in some information to your phone and being immediately paired with someone who is almost 100% your perfect match.

Women Should Not Be Talked Down To

It has been a man’s world for all of human history. The men have created the rules in virtually every society, and they always create rules that favor themselves while disadvantaging others. It is unfortunate for women in the workplace who are attempting to make a better life for themselves but are frequently held back by the structure that men have set up. While suffer no more says Susan McGalla.

Susan McGalla is a great example of a woman who has made great strides in the workplace. As a matter of fact, she found herself at the very top of some of the nation’s largest companies at certain points in her life. Now, she wants to try to help other women see the vast opportunities that are available to them if they are just willing to work for them.

Many women hate the bulk of articles that currently flood the market relating to how women can succeed in the workplace. That is because these articles are not helpful and merely use the same tired old cliches that do not provide any real practical advice. Worse yet, some of these articles tell women what they should think or otherwise make presumptions about women that are simply not true and do not provide the kind of insight that women really desire.

To overcome this, McGalla has created her own types of advice for women that actually comes from a woman who has made it (herself). She teaches things that can really be applied in real life and have an impact on the lives of women who are striving for success no matter where they come from.

When she was growing up, Susan McGalla was raised by a father who was a football coach, and she also had two brothers. They never cut her any slack simply because she was a woman. They wanted her to compete for the respect that she got just like they had to compete for everything they wanted in life as well. This attitude is a lot different than what some women are treated to in this society. The belief by her father and brothers that she was no different really led her to seek out success in a whole different way.

Amazingly, Susan is now passing on these ideas to others. She used them to get herself a spot on the board at American Eagle at a time when the board had only men on it. Therefore, she seems to know what she is talking about when it comes to this subject. She is a voice that can and should be trusted. After all, if it is expert advice you are looking for, you should look to someone who has actually accomplished what they are teaching about.

McGalla has inspired countless young women to change their lives and start viewing themselves differently. They are grateful to her for the work that she has done and how it has impacted the very way in which they view the world.

FreedomPop – 4G For Free

When you see a title like this, the first thing that comes to mind is: “Surely, there must be a catch”. There is actually no catch here, after you pay a one-time free for a modem and a router, you get 1GB of free high-speed 4G broadband Internet service every month.

Free High-Speed 4G

There is no other US-based company that offers a free package like this. One gigabyte is not much, but it can be enough for emails, reading news, sending iMessages and using other instant messaging services like Viber or WhatsApp. This can be a great option if you do not use your Internet for streaming or other high-data services, but if you want, you can always buy more data. There are even cool ways to increase the amount of free data that you have, such as by referring friends to FreedomPop. For every person you refer, you get 50MB every month, for as long as that person is using the service. This can really add up, so it is a great way to get even more from the service for free.

FreedomPop on fortune is a great option even if you are willing to pay for monthly data. It is far more affordable than what other competitors have to offer. The 4G speeds, that the service offers, can be even faster than DSL Internet. There is also an added option to get email alerts, that will help with keeping you informed about your data usage. There are data plans which cover up to 10GB.

Free Mobile Phone Service

The company is not just about offering Internet services. Their free mobile phone service is also an amazing offer. What does this mean? Well, you get 500MB of free data every month, 500 free texts every month and 200 minutes every month. There is no contract and no commitment required. For some people, this is all they need, and if they need to add some minutes, text or more data, the prices are really affordable. They even offer high-end Android phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S4.


It is no coincidence that the word ‘freedom’ is a part of the company’s name. You are actually free – you have free Internet and if you want you can pay for more, no pressure. Furthermore, you are not tied to your home, or a contract, and since the connection is 4G mobile based, you can use it almost anywhere. There is an easy-to-use availability checker on the company’s website, so that you can see if the service is available in your area. The customer support page is also great and easy to navigate. There is also an FAQ on their website, which can help you out if you need more clarification on certain things. So, if you want a free, no-hassle and no-contract service, FreedomPop is definitely worth a try.

Human Rights Foundation Takes Aim At Lionel Messi

In this day-and-age where sports stars are constantly trending in the news cycle and on social media sites, sports stars personal and professional lives are often news worthy when they are accused of crimes or unethical actions.

For proof one needs to look no further than the NFL. In the recent past NFL players have been in the news for serious matters like murder, domestic battery, and DUI all the way down to less serious ethical infraction like “deflate gate”.

Yet one would be hard pressed to hear of a sports star being accused issues concerning human rights. Nonetheless European football star Lionel Messi, finds himself at the center of the Human Rights Foundation’s focus.

Sounds like an intriguing battle? Well ding… ding … ding lets introduce the fighters. In the red corner from Spain, by way of Argentina, where he is captain of the Spanish National Football Team, he is the 2009 FIFA World Player of the Year. He also holds the title as being the all-time score in La Liga. Considered by some as the greatest in the world if not all-time. I give you Lionel Messi.

In the blue corner, fighting as a nonprofit organization for human rights around the globe, with a heavy focus on closed societies, this organization has been at the fore forefront in the fight to promote liberal democracy since 2005. Representing such freedoms as self-determination, freedom of speech and expression, freedom to worship, freedom of association, freedom to leave or enter countries, and freedom to be free from slavery, I give you the one … the only … Human Rights Foundation.

Let’s Fight!!!

Lionel Messi is definitely no stranger to “the spot light”, but never for reasons like this. Messi, is being accused by the Human Rights Foundation of ‘partying with oppressors’ in Gabon Africa.

In what seems like an innocent gesture Messi was photographed laying a stone on a wall being built outside a venue. The scheduled use of the venue is for the African World Cup of Nations in 2017.

While Messi garners attention all by his “lonesome”, it is whom he is next too that has brought the new and unwanted attention.

Messi is photographed standing next to Gabon dictator Ali Bongo. Knowing on the other side of this battle is, the Human Rights Foundation, it is easy to see why the title dictator is important to the story.

Since Messi’s visit to Gabon claims have come about saying, France Football, paid Messi 2.4 million euros for the visit. While the Gabon government claims the story to be false, other stories claiming Messi was paid seven figures to visit a state-of-the-art hospital earlier in the summer.

All the hype surrounds the fact Bongo has been accused of having a history of human rights violations that include supporting abuse. At the crux of the accusations is Bongo’s refusal to sanction an investigation into the ritualistic murders of children in Gabon.

Messi is now being accused of “hobnobbing” with the dictator for profit, and without regard to the human rights violations Bongo is accused of.

President Thor Halvorssen of the Human Rights Foundation is on record saying, ‘In providing PR services to Gabon’s Bongo family, Lionel Messi has seriously undermined the credibility of his own chartable foundation.”

Messi has long claimed to be a supporter of children’s rights, and in fact serves as an UNICEF ambassador. Because of his charitable association with UNICEF it dose seem like a conflict of interest to associate with a person being question over his commitment to investigating the ritual murders of children.

Another alarming accusation against Bongo is his greed has led him to embezzle such large sums of money, that 20 percent of Gabon citizens are forced to live off $2 per day wages.

If Messi has taken money from Bongo, than he has reaped financial gain from the sown seeds of ill gotten gains planted buy Bongo.

Bongo continues to deny any payment to Messi, claiming Messi was only honoring a commitment he made a few years earlier while Bongo was visiting Barcelona.

Messi or his representatives have yet to respond to the accusations, leaving the decision in this fight up to the judges (public opinion).

How To Create, Use And Edit Wikipedia Pages

With over 3.3 million English articles, Wikipedia remains to be the most used and successful encyclopedia internationally. The pages on Wikipedia can be edited by anyone who holds an account with them thus enhancing the publishing of correct information. No matter your search terms in Google, Wikipedia results always appear first. Due to this great page rank on Google, scientists have taken full advantage of publishing their expertise on Wikipedia so as to gain public engagement. Just recently, a couple of scientists in Wikipedia successfully linked Wikipedia with biological data so as to promote community annotation which encouraged a wider access to their other works. Trying to make a wiki page, steps into the Wikipedia community can be a very tricky balancing act, but after registering your account, the experience becomes simple and self-explanatory.

Registering an account
Creating an account with Wikipedia offers tons of benefits. First of all, you’ll get the option of editing pages on Wikipedia even if there not yours, it also offers you security and privacy. Users who register their accounts under pseudonymous user-names have greater privacy, but there are a few individuals who opted to associate their accounts with their legal names. One of the guidelines for writing for them is to note that it isn’t a platform to put across your opinions, self-promotion, judgment, rumors, speculation or spam. Alternatively writing like a journalist or a reporter may feel weird to non-journalists, but airing facts rather than opinions is the key to making Wikipedia a reliable legitimate source of information. Failure to this, information which depicts opinion or Spam will be taken down. Your Wikipedia account will compile all the edits you’ve ever made on the site in one place. While user anonymity is welcome while editing pages, changes are only recognized if you have an account. A history of positive edits builds your accounts reputation.

Ask for assistance
Wikipedia can be confusing for first-time visitors though the new implementation of their recent editing tool-bar has made it easy and user-friendly for anyone. In the event you are stranded while maneuvering Wikipedia, ready assistance is always available via a couple of avenues, like the help desks or you can adopt a user mentor-ship program or also use a specific IRC channel. There is also the option of summoning assistance via a special template known as “HELPME” and like magic; a Wikipedia representative will be at your service to offer you the necessary assistance.

The Power Balance in Dating

Dating is a very interesting topic. Often times, there is a talk about power when it comes to dating. It is often believed that women have all the power when it comes to dating. This is due tot he fact that women often have plenty of guys pursuing them. As a result, they could choose who to date.

There are many methods to dating. Among the common methods is using dating apps. These apps make a woman’s power more evident when in dating. Many women tend to have a ton of guys messaging them when they sign up and create a profile. This could bring frustration to many males that are looking for date through dating apps. Fortunately, there are dating apps that males and females could rely on more than others.

Among the dating apps that are available and reliable is Skout. Skout is available for teens and adults together. This app helps connect people to others within their geographical area. Users also get notified when there is a new user in their area. They also have the option of searching other areas. They also get notified when someone checks them out. However, in order to see who, it costs some points.

Dating apps is one in many other methods when it comes to dating. It is important for a dating app to be safe for people of all ages allowed to join. Skout is one of those reliable sites. There is a teen section and an adult section. Skout also has a section where people can chat. After all, it is important for one to be able to communicate when someone that he or she is about to date. Another good thing about Skout is that it brings more of a balance to the since of power in dating.

Whether using an app or meeting people offline, it is important for one to focus on developing himself. One thing that is needed to be successful in dating is honesty. While they do say that one is to be confident, confidence does not stop one from being involved with the wrong person. It is better for one to know himself. Then he can be confident that he will find someone that will like him for who he is. This will also give a greater likelihood that relationships will last, even with the changes each individual goes through in the relationship. Dating are more convenient for those who are a little nervous about meeting someone in person in order to set up a date. When one signs up for dating apps, he opens up a larger world for relationships.

The Expansion of The Visual Effects Industry

Visual effects continue to play an integral role in the film industry. Almost every film, animated or not, requires special use of visual effects to boost its aesthetic appeal. Animation and computer animated imagery have expanded their tools to make more realistic movies and video games for consumers to enjoy. The end destination once was to make it look as real as possible, which some visual effects have achieved closely, but now visual effects are shifting to be more colorful and explosive than real life can hope to imitate.

Visual effects are computer animated visuals that are placed over or behind a live action shot to increase the quality of the visual. Variety tells us that new software has been released that makes it cheap and affordable for independent filmmakers to harness the power that CGI has to offer. No longer are dangerous stunts in foreign landscapes necessary, but now practically anyone can transport their audience to a mystical realm with the power of their own film software.

Visual effects can include explosions or car chases. They can involve multiplying the number of actors, making a few become a hundred on the screen. The background and landscape is often CGI, as well as intricate architecture and impossible structures.

The expansions of CGI capabilities continue to grow in separate realms with each new movie and video game release. Visual effects are able to capture and predict natural movements that few recognize or appreciate. The way the grass blows; the foot print left in the snow; the way a shirt it pulled up when someone lifts their hands above their head; these are all examples of the complex algorithms necessary for visual effects to replicate real world experiences.

John Textor is the Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. He has lead the visual effects team on digital production films such as Transformers, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Pirate of the Caribbean. These films have used innovative visual effects technology to push animation to higher standards. Textor also does work as a producer, creating visual representations of famous actors such as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Tupac. These holographic visuals shocked audiences around the world with their lifelike qualities and visuals. Textor continues to work in the movie industry, and he recently helped the digital productions team on the movie Ender’s Game. His previous careers also included financial consulting and strategic planning for private equity firms.

Why Slyce Is The Future of the Retail Shopping

A growing number of businesses leverage image recognition software, like Slyce because it offers instant gratification search, which is very beneficial to retailers and consumers. The reason that so many people gravitate towards Slyce’s product recognition software is because of their flexibility, and the size of their database, which makes image recognition more accurate, not to mention they are the number one image recognition software app on the market, so there are more stores that submit images to the program, which makes shopping a quicker and more pleasurable experience for the end consumer, While you’ll commonly find that other companies provide a lackluster user experience, with no desire to grow.

Businesses just seem to gravitate towards Slyce

What makes Slyce powerful is that you can snap pictures of different items in the world and instantly receive data about that item. This is extremely useful in a retail environment, where pieces of inventory in a store can be analyzed via image and the end-user instantly receives data about that inventory.

It’s pretty amazing when a woman can snap a picture of the blouse and instantly find dozens of blouses that cost less and look quite similar, creating sales for developers building on top of Slyce API and improving the customers’ user experience quite dramatically.

This is how it all works: the image recognition software pulls data from an image and sends the data to a server where the data is cross-referenced with the data from the incoming image. The data that is the closest match to the data in the image is sent back to the end-user.

Slyce image recognition is an amazing tool for boosting customer retention because the technology allows for quick, impulse transactions that is literally unheard of anywhere else. I’m sure you’re familiar with the old adage, if you present it, they will come. Well, apparently this applies to customer retention in the app ecosphere as well.

Slyce is extremely convenient because 99% of all cameras in the world are found on mobile phones, and today, there are over 1 billion smart phones with cameras in existence, so incorporating this technology into your app can make online purchasing very easy, which can obviously help increase a businesses’ profitability dramatically.